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Welcome to the [possible] future, crafted, developed and built by future founders changing the game, super operators making it happen and investors betting on a more sustainable future.

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The future is putty in your hands. It’s time to focus on more than just the money and learn to navigate success and failure — live and in person.

  • Explore how to make your mission meaningful, mold your team and move through testing times by engaging in candid conversations and learning from monumental mistakes

  • Network with key ecosystem players and get ready to share ideas, make new connections and get peer support from founders in the same boat

  • Reach investors who are looking for their next big opportunity. Discuss fundraising strategies and build connections for your future rounds at the Sifted Summit

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Behind every charismatic CEO, there’s a whole team of operators, builders and doers keeping out of the limelight. For those who make the cogs turn, revenue roll in and keep culture alive, there’s plenty here for you.

  • Share ideas and best practices on operational insights and workplace trends and shout about your achievements — unfiltered

  • Discover how to build the next big thing & talk about the real growing pains happening behind the scenes

  • Meet the companies on hand to accelerate your business. With startups, investors and service providers all in one place, do all your business meetings in just two days

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  • Expand your network, move beyond your WhatsApp group and diversify your portfolio. With hundreds of startups in the room, find founders that match your strategic interests and personal values

  • Join other investors who’ve taken risks, reaped rewards and returned real value from startups from an eclectic mix of sectors, backgrounds and countries — there are always lessons to be learnt

  • Lead discussions for founders and investors alike, covering funding trends, solving problems and highlighting the VC relationships making waves in the startup community

Founders and future founders know that every big idea needs a bold bet. Are you looking for your next potential moonshot? Want to make an impactful investment? Look no further.

Wondering if you should attend the Sifted Summit in 2023?
Here’s why you can’t afford to miss out:
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